Custom Engraving

Information and Instructions

Our Custom-Engraved Lacrosse Sticks Make the Perfect Statement, Gift or Trophy

With our custom-engraved sticks, you can make the perfect statement on the field or off. Personalize your stick with your school, your name, or just about anything else. Your teammates and opponents, stuck with off-the-shelf handles, will be suitably jealous. Our custom-engraved sticks make the perfect gift for graduating seniors, team captains, coaches, or just that special lax player you love. It will be a keepsake, and a usable one at that, to last a lifetime.

Custom Side of the Stick

The custom side is where your custom engraving goes. You can engrave a maximum of 25 characters over a space that is 12″ by 1/2″, or a combination of image (such as a school or team logo) and fewer characters that fits into that space.

Please note that 12″ by 1/2″ may also be expressed as a 24:1 ratio. If you are considering engraving nothing but an image, the width of the image should be no more than 24 times greater than the height of the image. For example, a 100 pixel high image should be no more than 2400 pixels wide.

Owing to the width:height ratio, images with a portrait or square layout (where the width of the image is less than or equal to image height) do not work as well as images with more of a banner layout, where image width is greater than the height.

Images submitted for engraving must be created with a resolution of no fewer than 300 dots per inch (DPI). Lower resolution images create inferior engravings. Please also note that while 1/2″ of vertical space is enough space to get a message on your stick, it’s still not a lot of space!

We STRONGLY recommend that lettering be in ALL CAPS or a bold font to maximize the impact and visibility of the lettering.

Click on image below to enlarge. Image not to scale.

Custom side

Standard Side of the Stick

The standard side displays the SKY logo.

Text Only Option

Use the “Text Only” feature to add a name, jersey number, favorite slogan, social media handle, etc. Select one font option – BOLD, PRO, or COLLEGE (as shown).

Add your text (when selecting your product) and be sure to check for correct spelling.


Use this feature (when selecting your product) to upload your team logo, school mascot, or personal design. Be creative but be sure to have permission to use others’ artwork.

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