Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

About the use and purchase of our sticks
Below we answer some of the most commonly asked questions about our sticks.
What are the benefits of a wood shaft?
  • The added weight of the shaft is ideal for training. Attackmen may improve their shot speed after training with a wood shaft and then switching back to a lighter shaft on game day.
  • Defensive players may find the added weight of the long pole can improve stick checking speed, forearm strength, and cradling.
  • All of our wood shafts are ideal for fall ball, and indoor or box lacrosse.
  • Our solid wood shafts are a great value and quality compared to high-end alloy or composite. A wooden shaft is ideal for an inexpensive backup shaft.
  • Custom engraved wood shafts make outstanding and very unique birthday or holiday gifts.
How strong is a wooden stick?
Each stick is strength tested before shipping.  The high quality woods we use will bend but will rarely break under normal field usage.  Any splinters in the shaft that may occur over time and with use can be addressed with a fine grit sand paper and a good quality penetrating oil / sealant on the touched up spot. Compare our sticks here.
Will these sticks fit my specific head?
Yes. These sticks will fit almost any brand head. We maintain strict tolerances for shaft dimension consistency. This is a natural product and the sticks may expand or contract a few thousandths of an inch due to any moisture in the air.
How does custom engraving work?
You design what is to be engraved and provide us with a digital image. Generally speaking, you can custom engrave up to about 25 letters on one side of the stick. It’s a great way to promote your brand, broadcast school spirit, or to make a cool trophy or gift for your lacrosse player. Engraving details and instructions are here.
Will you engrave anything?
In a word, no. You need to affirm to us that you have the right to use whatever image or words you want to engrave on a stick. Please don’t ask us to engrave corporate logos or popular cartoon characters or the like (unless you have the right to use such images), because we will not engrave anything we know or reasonably believe to be infringing anyone else’s intellectual property.

In purchasing a custom-engraved stick from us, you agree that you will hold us harmless in the event someone else were to claim their intellectual property had been misused in the making of your stick or sticks.

We also may refuse in our sole discretion to engrave words or images on a stick that we consider to be offensive or inappropriate.

Please make sure to read our Terms of Use, which you agree to by placing an order with Sky Lacrosse.

Engraving details and instructions are here.

Can I order as many sticks as I like? What about group discounts?
Group discounts and team sales are available. Please contact us for details.
How are the sticks finished?
Each shaft is handcrafted and undergoe 3 separate sanding operations. The sticks are then finished with multiple coats of a natural color penetrating oil finish that seals and displaces any moisture in the wood.  The finish protects the wood from weather and is never sticky. The shafts are branded with the company name and logo. They also come with a head-screw and instructions on the importance of pre-drilling to prevent any cracking or splitting.

Because each brand lax head is different, we do not pre-drill a hole at the top of the shaft. We recommend you drill a pilot hole that is slightly smaller than the screw provided, so that it will go in easily as you tighten it.

Pre-drilling a hole is very simple, and will ensure that you don’t compromise the shaft’s structural integrity.

What if the head doesn't fit on the shaft?
Each stick is tested on a tight fitting head.  This is to ensure that each head will fit on the shaft.  If the head is loose, wrap a small amount of grip tape between the head and wood to ensure a tight fit. If it is tight for some reason, sand the end until the head fits.
Can I use this stick in a game?
Yes. Our sticks meet all National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) and National Federation of State High School Associations (NFHS) specs and standards.


SECTION 17. The crosse shall be an overall fixed length of either 40 to 42 inches (short crosse) or 52 to 72 inches (long crosse), except for the goalkeeper’s crosse, which shall be 40 to 72 inches long.

The circumference of the crosse handle shall be not more than 3-1/2 inches and the handle must be straight. The head of the crosse at its widest point shall measure between 6 and 10 inches, inside measurement, at the front of the side wall. There must be one crosse that is 10 to 12 inches, inside measurement at its widest point, at the front of the side wall. This crosse must be used by the designated goalkeeper. The side walls of the crosse shall not be more than 2 inches high.

There must be a goalkeeper on the field who is properly equipped with a chest protector, throat protector and a crosse that is 10 to 12 inches wide and 40 to 72 inches long.

A ball stop is not required, except on crosses with wooden heads. The length of the head must be a minimum of 10 inches from the outside edge of the head to the beginning of the throat of the crosse, regardless of whether a ball stop is used.

The goalkeeper’s crosse may have a maximum head length of 16-1/2 inches, measured in the same way. If a ball stop is used, only one may be used, and the dimensions shall be a maximum of 2 inches in length, 1-1/2 inches in width and 1/4 inch in thickness.

Note: Goalkeeper’s equipment must meet requirements listed in Rule 6-6, A.R.s 19-21.

A.R. 14. Any crosse with an inside measurement from 10 to 12 inches shall be considered a goalkeeper’s crosse and shall be used only by the designated goalkeeper.


SECTION 18. The crosse shall be made of wood, laminated wood or synthetic material, with the head approximately perpendicular to the handle. The side wall shall be defined as the inside surface area (i.e., pocket side) of the wall. The side wall shall be not more than 2 inches wide.

The side wall opposite a wood wall may be made by weaving gut lacing from the tip of the head to the handle, strung in such a manner as to prevent the tip from catching on an opponent’s crosse; or both side walls may be made of synthetic material, wood or laminated wood.

The net of the crosse shall be constructed of gut, rawhide, linen or synthetic material and shall be roughly triangular in shape. The longitudinal weaving must be attached to the frame of the stop below the stop, and the stop must be of separate construction.

Note 1: Any crosse in which the net is woven to the head in such a manner that a lip or hook is formed that might ensnare the ball is illegal.

Note 2: All hollow crosse handles must have their open end adequately covered with a plastic or rubber manufactured end cap. Tape alone is not sufficient. The use of metal caps (e.g., bottle caps) is prohibited.

Note 3: Sawing the head of the crosse near the throat to get the hand closer to the ball is illegal altering. A 3-minute non-releaseable penalty will result & the crosse shall be removed from the game.

How will the sticks be shipped?
The sticks are shipped US Postal Service Priority Mail and should arrive in 2-5 business days. We only ship using US Postal Service.
Do you offer international shipping?
Yes! Simply check out and an additional fee will be added to your order to account for international shipping.
How do I pay?
PayPal is the preferred method, checks upon request (will delay ship date).
Do you offer any warranty?

Yes we do! We offer a 6 month limited warranty on all shafts. Click here for details.

What happens if I buy a stick from a retailer and it breaks?
You will need to contact that retailer and they will be in touch with us regarding the issue. Since we have no record of sales made in retail stores, we are not able to help you directly.
Do you offer dealer pricing for the shafts?
Sky Lacrosse does offer dealer pricing. Please Contact us for details.
If we failed to answer your question, please send us a message via our contact page.