The Legal Stuff

6 Month Limited Warranty on all SKY Lacrosse Sticks

6 Month Limited Warranty

SKY Lacrosse offers a six (6) month limited, shaft replacement warranty. All manufacturing defects resulting from normal field usage including cracked or broken shafts are covered. Chips, dents, or warping are not covered under this warranty. Abuse to the product is not covered. SKY Lacrosse shafts are made from the highest quality materials and processes to assure that they meet, or exceed, our high standards for quality and endurance. Our shafts are used in all levels of lacrosse and we have done destructive testing to confirm the durability of our product. This is a high performance product, designed to deliver maximum performance within the limits of the association rules. Our shafts however, are not indestructible. In very rare cases, the composite or wood may have a small defect within the grain, or beneath the surface. Defective or damaged shafts are only covered for lacrosse related activities and must have broken during normal lacrosse use. In the event that the shaft develops a major crack or fully breaks, discontinue use and email us at: [email protected]. Include your name, email address, proof of purchase, brief description of how the damage occurred, and a photo of the broken shaft with the SKY logo clearly visible. After review and approval, we will then ship out another shaft free of charge. SKY Lacrosse reserves the right to refuse warranty service to any person who, in the sole discretion of SKY Lacrosse, abuses our products and/or our warranty policy. SKY Lacrosse shafts are designed with the intent of individual use. This warranty is limited to one shaft within 6 months of original purchase.