About Sky Lacrosse

Our company and how we rise to the challenge of creating a great lacrosse stick

Our Company

Sky Lacrosse was born out of a challenge. The challenge from coaches and players alike. The challenge to bring something back to the sport. Wood.

With an extensive background in fine woodworking and a pure love of the game we have the tools and talent to create the worlds finest wood lacrosse shafts. We are hands on and handcrafted. From selecting the highest grade hardwoods to our state of the art production shop. We take great pride in being Made in the USA and stand behind every shaft we sell.

Our Challenge

Being the fastest growing sport in America has brought many great advances to the game and equipment. One thing that has been lost is the natural warmth, beauty, and power of wood. We have done destructive testing of our full product line to confirm the values of strength to weight when compared to the top alloy shafts on the market. Bottom line: there just isn’t anything that has the same flex and durability of wood. It is a very consistent material. It performs the same in warm, wet, or cold conditions. By only using the highest grade hardwoods and selecting straight grained clear shafts you will be assured to have a stick that can handle the hardest checks and likely notice an increase in your shot speed.

Our Construction

All of our wood shafts are milled at very high tolerances with your choice of a traditional octagonal or “scalloped” Pro-Grip design to accept all legal lacrosse heads. Every stick is hand sanded and personally graded for quality control. We apply 3 coats of clear penetrating oil to ensure a finished product that will stand up to all weather conditions and bring out the beauty of real wood.

Your Choice

There is little doubt in the bond between a player and their stick. Here is your chance to make it personal. Using our cutting edge laser engraver, we can engrave virtually anything you want. Name, slogan, player number, team mascot or logos. At SKY Lacrosse we know you have a choice in the equipment you bring to the field. We produce some of the strongest and lightest shafts in the world. From our best selling solid Ash Attack shaft to our custom line of laminates or new ARMORED composite line featuring a revolutionary Carbon Kore… it’s a game changer and the choice is yours. Choose SKY Lacrosse.

Sky Lacrosse is a business name for Swift Works, LLC.